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I was born and raised in the heart of Hollywood, CA. My dad was born in El Salvador and my mom is Lakota Sioux, Irish and Norwegian. I appreciate diversity and carry many cultures with me at all time. I played varsity softball for John Marshall High School in Silverlake for 4 years and graduated in 2006. I studied English Language and Literature as an undergraduate at UCSB where I developed interests in British and European modernism, gender studies, and theories of mass culture. I decided to be a teacher in the 7th grade, but thought it important to take some time off to travel before selecting a graduate program and beginning my life­long career as a teacher. So, I traveled across the country in a blue Toyota Prius and worked on 4 organic farms in Washington, Idaho, Montana and Florida where grasshoppers are as big as the length of my hand. The experience stretched my understanding of food politics in this country and cemented my appreciation for locally sourced food and culture. After living in Berkeley for 2 years, I decided to go back to UCSB where I earned a master’s in education and two credentials (English and English Language Development). Currently, my partner and I live in Glendale where the commute to La Canada is short and sweet. These days my central interests include strategic grouping as a method for meeting the diverse needs of students, cognitive strategies, John Dewey, The Sun Magazine, graphic novels, and making the SAMR model a productive reality in our classrooms. I seek out live music in my spare time and admire the “do it yourself” mentality and lifestyle. When I’m not lesson planning this year, my partner and I will be working on small projects around our home. All in all, I am excited and honored to be joining your community this year.